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    Get Brainsfeed Insights In French

    Posted by Aurelien Vasinis on Jul 29, 2020 9:02:55 AM


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    Brainsfeed has helped numerous clients succeed in their business endeavors by supplying them with applied research and actionable insights on demand. We are happy to announce that now we will be offering our full spectrum of services in French as well. With this endeavor, we aim to enable many other companies to beat the information overload and find the insights they need! Take a look at the sample reports below and see how our concise, well-constructed, straight to the point reports answer your questions.



    Why are the French bad at English?

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    Every year, Education First, an international company that offers language courses, assesses English skills from non-English speaking countries. In 2019, France was in the 31st position from a list of 100 countries. The French are not the most renowned for their mastery of the language of Shakespeare, Beckham and Harry Potter, and this new international ranking confirms their place near the wrong end of the rankings. Read this Brainsfeed report to learn more about why this is the case.



     What would the world be without Google?

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    The world's most successful Internet concept of all time is probably Google. Most of us use the search engine daily for acquiring information. Little do most people know, this American giant is also the world's largest consumer of personal data. Its services collect as much information as possible in order to create direct advertisements which are then auctioned off and sold to the highest bidders. According to an Amnesty International report, Google’s “pervasive surveillance” poses an “unprecedented threat to human rights”. This Brainsfeed report investigates the critical question: What would the world be without google?



    What are the best tools to fight fake news?

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    Fake News spreads 6 times faster than real information, according to an MIT study. Social media rumors of child abductions by members of the Roma ethnic minority recently sparked a wave of violence in France, even as authorities dismissed the claims as baseless. Read this Brainsfeed report to learn more about the best tools to fight fake news.

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