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    Customized List Building: Structured Data For Fast Decision Makers

    Posted by Aurelien Vasinis on Oct 22, 2020 8:50:38 AM



    Anyone who has ever had the need for urgent information fast has been here.


    You are searching for critical data, say a list of lifestyle influencers to give you insights that can aid your next decision. So you turn to the “smartest” answer engine you know. The Internet.

    You type in your query and you are greeted with a sight that looks similar to this.



    The number of results you see when you do a google search for any topic


    That’s 10 million results in 0.39 seconds. No predefined pattern or format, just 10 million results to go through one at a time.


    Unstructured Data


    Unstructured data comprises of data presented in no unifying or similar manner.


    The internet as we know it is largely unstructured. In fact, over 90% of it is presented in various forms, media, and formats.


    Just like our example above, unstructured data is hard to sort through. Try finding an important insight in this.



    Volume of unstructured data on the internet



    Do you really have the time to let your decision sit around while you scavenge through all this information?


    Because here is the constant.


    Human reading speed isn’t getting any faster than it was before yet the size of the internet is increasing at exponential rates. The average reading speed is 200 - 250 words per minute. That's an equivalent of 2 million minutes (3.8 years of doing nothing other than reading) just to completely scavenge this one search result. No critical decision is going to wait around that long waiting for you to finish going through those pages one at a time.


    Structuring Data For Easier Scannability


    Structured data on the other hand represents data sets organized in patterns that make them easily searchable.


    As great as that seems, only about 10% of the internet is presented in structured formats. With that number shrinking everyday.


    Sorting through unstructured data takes time, is highly resource engaging and overall unproductive for a decision maker.


    Why You Need Structured Data


    According to a recent State of Data Science and Analytics report, workers waste an average of 44% of their work week on unsuccessful data related activities mainly due to lack of adequate collaboration, presence of knowledge gaps and general resistance to change.


    Furthermore, on a more industry relatable level, Marketing teams spend a lot of time when choosing to work with influencers for a brand collaboration or paid sponsorship. Most of the time is spent sorting through the various options which often include those with fake engagement ad followers (an endless scroll down their thousands to millions of fake profiles).


    Humans generally love anything which gives us a semblance of control in this world of uncertainty. Yet in the current workspace, no one wants to be left to handle the sourcing and sorting of the data to create organized lists.


    Yet now more than ever, businesses have to make fast decisions that affect the way they operate in the long term.


    Decision making time is much shorter when working with structured data because it is generally quicker to analyze. There are no distractions and filler content to pull you away from what you are searching for.


    Also working with structured data greatly reduces the risk of running into information overload when analyzing databases as only the critical data points are displayed.



    List made by Brainsfeed -Sample of structured data



    Suddenly those insights we failed to find earlier become much clearer and easier to sort through.


    On the other hand, unstructured data presents more information than needed that slows down the decision making time since more time is taken in analyzing the results.


    That is why working with unstructured data is so frustrating. Structured data on the other hand creates the sense of control we all crave.


    How to Implement Structured Data


    The shift from using unstructured data to structured data to inform business decisions is one that is sure to improve your overall productivity and decision making time drastically.


    For fast decision makers, sitting around analyzing data and trying to structure it individually is highly unproductive. Also being biased about your time and how critical these insights are for you and your business can greatly narrow your focus.


    That is why 70% of our clients work with us. We take away the pain involved in structuring and analyzing data and present them with customized lists and data points without the hustle involved.


    Here at Brainsfeed, a company solely dedicated to organizing data; we focus most of our energy on building lists and structuring data for our clients.


    Relying on our AI, expertise, and extensive data analysis team of over 5000 analysts, we combine the best of technology and human intelligence to source and build high quality lists on-demand.


    Building Customized Lists With Brainsfeed


    Here is why working with us on your customized list building project is so important.


    Aside from the advantages that come from hiring/outsourcing to specialized professionals, that include saving time, having professionals with the best tools working on your project and the general quality of the deliverable being higher.


    Advantages of getting a list made by Brainsfeed


    If that isn’t as clear as you want, here is a more detailed break-down of the advantages of working with us.

    1. Complete Control Over Your Data
    2. We Employ Professional Methodologies To Build Your Lists
    3. Access Our In-house Datasphere With Currently Over 59,000 Data Sources
    4. Get Customized Lists In Your Specific Industry

    Working with Brainsfeed gives you control over the data you need. You can choose to receive however much or less of any data set and how many sections you are interested in.


    For example, You could be interested in a list of real estate agents that sell property worth between $50 and $100 million in California. The rest that don’t fit that criteria don’t interest you.


    That’s perfectly fine for us. You get to choose how long or short you want your deliverable to be.




    We take highly unstructured information from client queries and create tables with super-specific & relevant data points leaving out the rest so you can spend your time making decisions rather than doing the sorting.


    Over the course of our business, we have built up a vast library of methods that we have employed to find data for our clients. The same methodologies that make over 70% of our clients to work with us again.


    Working with us ensures you have access to our vast library of information and data APIs spanning over 450 data points. We also use cutting edge web scraping techniques and advanced data science techniques e.g Natural Language Processing to work on your project.


    And where technology fails, we employ our manual pool of over 5000 professional analysts skilled in data mining and extraction.


    To ensure our client projects get the high quality data points they need we built our very own in-house Datasphere.


    We use this tool to save time when working on your projects without sacrificing the quality of the deliverable.


    Working with us instantly gives your project access to over 59,000 data sources that we currently have with a goal of expanding to more than 100,000 sources that exist. This tool removes the need to reinvent the wheel when quality information already exists.


    Our lists can be tailored to your industry. We’ve worked with clients from a wide range of industries and verticals and have excelled in each due to our expertise and proven strategies.


    Industries like marketing where we created lists such as list of creative agencies, list of influencers, list of authors among others.



    Use cases of Brainsfeed lists for marketers



    Finance and investment where we created lists such as list of Series A, list of mergers, list of fine wines - prices from auction houses


    Use cases of Brainsfeed lists for investors


    Among other various industries where we have created multiple lists like List of Conferences, List of Medical Implant Companies, List of Books, List of Funds, List of Companies to acquire, List of Prospective Hires, List of Influencers, List of Blogs, List of Authors.




    Data is a vital part of any business system. Without it, entrepreneurs and business leaders are flying blind. But in our world, controlling and dealing with data is proving to be a big problem in every industry.


    Sorting data alone takes up over 80% of a Data scientist's time, leaving only 20% for analysis to find actionable points.


    However, working with Structured data enables decision-makers to move faster and drive growth because such data is straightforward, distraction-free, quick to analyze, and prevents information overload.


    Imagine the countless extra hours that you could free up for your company with outsourcing the data sourcing to specialized experts. Time you could easily focus on doing more productive work and building your business.


    Structuring data is an essential task for fast-moving organizations and can help the right team with experience and efficient tools. The problem is the cost of setting up such groups is above average for most companies.


    That is why many of our clients choose to work with us instead.


    We are a company solely dedicated to structuring data. We consistently deliver high-quality results to our clients because we have the right tools and a network of over 5000 professional analysts in various fields to source and organize data points for clients.


    How to Get Started Working With Brainsfeed


    We understand that most businesses don’t have the capacity to hire a whole department or implement the technology needed to build these customized data points.


    Also over 75% of our clients are happy with us because we take the pain of relying on poor quality off-the-shelf lists available online and the negative efficiency of doing it in-house.


    That is why our customized list building services are backed by a hassle-free guarantee. Basically we take the work off your hands and deliver to you a high quality customized deliverable in your field of interest.


    Want to work with us for your custom list building project?


    Get your customized list project started at


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